How make your winnings guaranteed

Ensured winnings?

Many of you have had a Cash Out that got voided by the casinos. 68% of all players that have played on more than three different online casinos have been declined at least once. are now the first Affiliate site to ensure our player’s winnings!

How does it work?

  • First of all, you go to our great section of trusted casinos, choose a Casino/Bonus that you like (all the casinos are great!). We always recommend using a “No-Sticky” bonus if possible.
  • Read the bulleted list in the top right corner, and make sure to follow the T&C´s.
  • Use our link to register at the casino.

When you have used our link, you will be protected against any voided winnings (up to €20000).


What if?

It is doubtful since we only recommend highly trusted Casinos.

But if you win big and have any issues with cashing out. Just use our claim form and we will help you out!


How can afford to pay out winnings?

First of all, we always contact the casino. As we have a lot of players on all of our promoted casinos, we have some leverage.

Most of the time, we´re able to solve the issue with the Casino.


In those cases we can NOT reach an agreement, we will pay the winnings from the affiliate earnings we get when people are using our links.


What does it cost?

You have absolutely nothing to lose from using our links instead of going straight to the casino.

It´s the other way around, most of the time we get an exclusive offer, that means that you will most of the time get a higher bonus, more free spins or something else.


In addition to this, you will also get a free “insurance” for your winnings!

How rewarding isn’t that?





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